Mods By Others:

Here you will find a forever growing list of mods made by other members of the Modding Community. These are mods we beleive are top quality work and belong on everyone's farm.

We have tested all mods we post and they are then provided here as a recommendation only and to support the modding community.

GTX Mods is not responsible for the up keep of any link that we have not created or errors that occur while using these mods.

Please Enjoy.


MOD BY: ls-modcompany

FS17 - FarmSiloSystem V 1.0.1 

What GTX MODS has to say:

This is a mod that has been needed for a very long time.

This is great work  and we love the realism this script brings.

Original Description:
It is a grain storage, this can be placed, but can also be installed with the Giants Editor. It is possible to have more than one of these on a map (Suitable therefore optimally as extra storage at several farms).

Before unloading, the grate doors can be opened (right mouse button). When tipping fill plane appears, which disappears slowly as product is put into silo. The plant is to be switched on at the switch on panel using the 'O' button. The pipe is placed on the discharge position and the display comes on. The loading can be started at the switch. You can not start / stop loading when you sit in the vehicle!!

Add new fruits:
To add new fruits, to be first in the Transform Groupe "FarmSiloSystem" in "fillType" entered the corresponding fillType. The FillTypen be separated by a space.
As Results Next we need to add (Display -> Display) the display. It shows the name of the TG has the newly registered fillType match.

fasi: Model, textures
Eribus: Logo
kevink98: Script

A special thanks goes to the fasi Tester, sYrox and Farmer_Andy!

For questions, problems or suggestions or LATEST UPDATES please see the support thread: LINK

Original Creators Download Link



MOD & IDEA: Farmer Andy
SCRIPT: Ifkonator

FS17 - Fliegl PFS 16000 (PalletFillingStation)

What GTX MODS has to say:

This is a great idea and builds 10 times on what is offered in game.

This is great work as always by the one and only Modfather, with special commendation going to Ifkonator for another great piece of Scripting.

Original Description:
Fliegl Pallet Filling Station is a prototype made by Fliegl, This device can produce pallets, bales or BigBags are also possible. The bales and BigBags work as usual, with the BigBags unfortunately no effect exists a thanks goes to Giants because this was outsourced to the XML.

The station can be filled with a shovel or thanks to the material collector is also a tipping next to the machine possible.

Gases or liquids are filled with the Kotte Universal, either directly from the Kotte overloading or directly from the machine.

There were 2 cameras installed a normal and one for the screen, the engine has a motor but can not drive by itself.

Color selection as well as 2 tire types are available.

Fully animated display with correct info.

Below link is to original forum post and latest version will be available hear.

Original Creators Download Link