Welcome to GTX Mods

We are a small Modding Group.

Our focus is to make the game more enjoyable by creating error free mods for all to use.

We also carry out collaborations with others as we believe this is what the modding community is all about.

 Sharing experiences and working together to make the game more enjoyable to all.

Happy Farming!


How we started:

I first started like most modders, creating mods for private use and editing and improving vehicles that others had created to suit my needs.

After sharing some mods I created with some friends I started to see the extra excitement and appreciation that people get for the game when they receive that new mod.

So I decided that I would start GTX Mods and start sharing our mods with others so they could also enjoy them. The world today has started to become so miserable and negative and it is nice to be able to brighten peoples life just a little.

GTX Mods follows 4 simple rules:

Error Free Mods.

Keep the Credits In (Respect Modders).

Have Fun!

No Negativity or Abuse

(There is already enough  hate in the world 🙁).